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WIP Wednesday! Cowl Crazy…

18 Apr

Yes, I have been missing for a while.  Thanks to Tami for still hosting us crazy fiber people.

In the process of trying to get myself organized and on a schedule as well as working and trying to keep my marriage going (conflicting schedules…) I have not been knitting as much as I would have liked.

That said, the Glass Slippers are still going, slowly, but going.

In the mood for something a bit faster, and not so small needles…

I cast on the Pucker Cowl

And here’s where I am today…

It’s Very blue.


WIP Wednesday – February 15, 2012

14 Feb

Thanks Tami for hosting!!

I am taking part in the most recent Nerd Wars and am knitting up a storm.

I already finished a set of mitts, that I made to fit the challenge and made for swap gift.

Now I am working of a pair of socks.   Ok, one sock,  I am still on the one sock.

It is in Cocoa Beach Yarns Scooby Sock yarn in Cinderella Blue.  And at the suggestion of one of my teammates, I have this great sock pattern.

It’s called Glass Slippers.  🙂

So cute!

WIP Wednesday -Edited to add photo

11 Jan


I have a lot in progress.  Have not found the right lace weight to finish the shawl I was working on.  As soon as I find something that will work, I am off to finish it!

Working on some cute eggs for spring… 

And some little somethings for a swap I am part of for Valentine’s.  So, again, can’t share yet as this is linked to my Rav page….

Check out Tami for more Works in Progress

WIP Wednesday – Untangled

4 Jan

Tired of detangling my earbuds, so I figured I would try this.

Have since frogged it as it was annoying  me in the lack of tension…

Using the same yarn to make a neck cord for my MP3 player.  Mine broke, so I am making one. It’s only I-cord….


WIP Wednesday – I’m back!

28 Dec

Hi All!

So sorry I have been MIA recently.  Too many holiday gifts that could not be shared, I did not want to take up space with more, “I have a WIP, but I can’t show you”.

Here is the latest in the knitting for others category, but she knows what she is getting as she asked for it and bought me the yarn for it.

It is the Cape Hatteras pattern on Rav.  I like the cables on them but plan to make thema little shorter.  We do live in Florida, mind you, and these are for the office air conditioning, not so much for snow and wind.

I hope all my fiber crafters are well and fully crafted for the holidays.  I have to finish a small quilt yet (Eek!) and am cooking at home this year.  First time everyone is coming to me, and in a new house yet.  Should be exciting!

Happy ~whatever holiday you celebrate~!

Find more WIPs at Tami’s!  Thank you Tami for hosting!

First November WIP!

3 Nov

I am work on two projects right now, but one of them I can’t share yet.  I will give you a taste of that one…

Teaser: For now that is all you get.

Now, on the shawl from last week, it is still on needles, and on pause for the secret WIP (another birthday of a rav friend and internet user).

But I made progress from last week!

Hop on over to Tami’s for some more WIPs and drool worthy pictures.

WIP Wednesday! Progress!

26 Oct

I am all but finished the box.  It has been washed and sorta felted and is drying on a book to get it into shape.

I started Whooo’s Cup (the pattern is Ho(o)t Coffee on Rav.), a mug cozy with Owls.  So cute!

I needed to tweak it a bit as my numbers were not coming out as the pattern suggested.  I have figured out what I need to do for the rest of the pattern and will continue thus.

(edited to show completed picture.)


I hardly had anything yet to show.  I had to rip back the first time I was getting the wrong numbers.

Please check out all the other great projects on Tami’s Linky thing of all the other crafters!   They are great every week, promise!

A new WIP Wednesday

26 Oct

I have a something!

I am making a shawl, for ME!

Woo Hoo!

I am late adding my post as I wanted to try and get as much done so I had something to show.  Somehow 256 stitches on 2 rows does not look very impressive.  Nine rows,  a bit better.

Mitt setback

8 Jun

I was happily knitting along, getting ready to decrease the thumb join on the second of the fingerless mitts my Grandma requested.  I took a good look at it to make sure I was in the correct spot of the slightly tweaked pattern and realized I had made 2 left hands.

And there is cabling on one side, so not reversible.


Frogging occurred and I re-cast on.  I am on the cuff again…   Thank goodness it’s a fairly quick knit and I will be done soon.

Thanks Tami for hosting us yet again!

WIP Wednesday

1 Jun

I am still working on everything that I was last week, but have made some progress on the box.

I don’t know why I have been so focused on this, except I have fit it in at weird times.

I am packing my house to  move (in the next couple of weeks!) and have been having to miss my normal knit groups to sell stuff and get settled for  both the move and the yard sale we have planned for this weekend.


Soon it will be over and I will be UNpacking in the new house.  Luckily I still have all of you to keep me company, at least virtually.

Thanks Tami, again, for hosting!