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March comes in like a lion…

5 Mar

So blog readers – how’s life on your end of the world.

I am busy and my hands are all torn up from cleaning.  C’est la vie!


I am working on some knitting – nothing really to show yet, it’s still kind of a blob of yarniness.  I will take pics once there it something to see.

I am also planning to do some yard work soon – winter is about over here and my compost heap is growing something…  I need to weed it and flip it over so I can start it back up.  I would also like to set up my garden – since it is there and ready to go – I need to schedule time out there like I schedule the gym and going to work.    –  Here’s hoping it works!


Monogram pillow

27 Feb

Monogram pillow

So I decided to make a pillow – but I ran out of black, so one side is black and one side is white. Eh…

Knitlypics! Or knitting during the games

20 Feb

The Shawl is Done!

It has been bathed, blocked and photoed!

It’s in my project page – photos and process and the beads used!  Though not nearly as many as I thought – so I have more beads to use on something else!  I will try another technique for the next time….

I am now working on a monogram pillow cover, perhaps finished by the closing ceremonies?  Maybe…..

Shawl making and skating watching

19 Feb

Here I sit – after watching Charlie and Meryl win the gold in Ice Dancing – and beginning to cast off the shawl!


I expect to be able to finish this part today and get on to the bath and blocking…  yay!!!

Day 4 Olympic knitting!

11 Feb

I have been working on my Dew Drops faithfully and trying to get enough in that I can finish it before the Olmpics are over –

I have just added the first of the beads (!) and am on the top end of the third chart – (of 6 I believe).  Adding lots of stiches!  I am at about 300 now and will get up toward 700 by the time I get done!

Here is the latest (scrunched up) image I have.

Dew Drops Shawl Day 1

7 Feb

So I started this little thing (OK it will not be little by the time I’m done) last night while watching the beiginning of the Olympics.

The Japanese Man’s Short program for the team event – goodness that boy made it look easy!


Blew them all off the ice.




So here’s what I’ve got so far.




Olypmics knitting

6 Feb

Anyone else planning to knit through the Olympics?

My Ravelry group is… I am planning to restart my Dew Drops Shawl

2014 start update…..

24 Jan

Here I sit, catching up on podcasts, wearing 3 knit items (only one by me, thanks Dee! and swap partner from winter of 2010!) as it is cold in Florida today.

This week we have had lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s. I realize that this is NOTHING compared to much of the rest of the country, but I am feeling the cold this year. (I’m sure it is the weight loss I incurred this past year. Still on the trail downward and hoping to get closer to goal by April – for anniversary trip with my darling)

I have recently finished a number of smaller items (see my Rav page for the latest) and am finishing up one more WIP today.

I have decided 2014 is going to be Stash busting year – and have chosen to work through at least 20 skeins – I have lots of stash, much of which was donated and I need to decide what to do with… I know I have a bag of tangled mess that I am debating untangling…. Or perhaps it is not worth it… This remains to be seen.

I have purchased 2 new skeins – I had a Gift Certificate for my LYS that was set to expire within the next month, so I dropped by on MLK day, since I had the day off and hubby did not. I got a lovely skein of Bobboli Lace that I am planning for a shawl and some sock yarn in not wool that felt wonderful knit up. I am looking forward to both – but am going to make myself work though some of the stash skeins first. (Please drop by Rav to see – my computer is being wonky and I can’t get pix in. I have been using Yarma to use my iPhone pix loaded into Ravelry directly)


I hope to have better access and to be able to post pictures soon, which will allow me to keep you better updated!  Toodles!

Finished and On a FRIDAY!

10 Jun

I finally have something to share on FO Friday!

Thanks Tami!  Please check out the other Finished Objects on Tami’s Linky.


OK, calm down Pixie.

I finished the Fingerless Mitts last night.

To date, they were ripped out 3 times (the last when I stopped paying attention and made the finger part too long).

Now they are finished, and lovely, I think, just in time to take to Gran when I travel for closing.  Maybe I will send them with the cash box we borrowed and the earrings I wore last time I saw her when Hubby goes back for work Sunday night…  hmmm.

One less, I’ll give, small, thing to pack….

Clearance at Joann’s

8 Jun

I went for one thing.  I signed up for a mystery shawl knit and needed some fingering or lace weight.

Found some, I think it’s lovely.

While there I noticed a lot of yarn on sale, way marked down.  So I looked around. (Bad idea! Well, maybe not).  The felting yarn I am using for the box,  was on clearance.  I thought I might need more for what I am trying to do so…

I have also been meaning to make some little bags for when I go to the farmers market for berries and stuff.  And this huge thing was also on sale.  Purple is my favorite color…

Then, the mother-load.  Rosewood needles, for less then $5.  Wow.

I had to have them.

And that took up all my spending money for the week.  At least I lasted until Wednesday.