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Hair days

14 Apr

So I recently mentioned a DIY dry shampoo I am using. This triggered a lot of questions, both online and irl.

This being the case, I took some pix while doing my hair. Note: I have a quite oily scalp. If I do not use some kind of dry shampoo, I Will be washing my hair.

So, here we are. I will include links in case you’d like to try it yourself.

We start with day one hair. Fresh washed, Aquage Uplifting foam in roots, a touch of Aquage gel in the ends, blown dry, then curled. (1″ iron) Here is the front and back.



This is the end of my day, just before workout.

Then I pulled it up, and went for a run, top show fully what this stuff can do.

After run, I blew my hair a bit too dry it out, then put in my “shampoo”, pulled it up and went to bed. Yes, I put it in kinda thick.




When I wake, fluff, curl if needed and go about your day. Remember how I said greasy, yeah, I can generally only do an “up” thing on day two.

Not bad though.

OK, I promised links — My bun tutorial – Thanks Kate!
Here is the dry shampoo – Hope you enjoy!