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Hair days

14 Apr

So I recently mentioned a DIY dry shampoo I am using. This triggered a lot of questions, both online and irl.

This being the case, I took some pix while doing my hair. Note: I have a quite oily scalp. If I do not use some kind of dry shampoo, I Will be washing my hair.

So, here we are. I will include links in case you’d like to try it yourself.

We start with day one hair. Fresh washed, Aquage Uplifting foam in roots, a touch of Aquage gel in the ends, blown dry, then curled. (1″ iron) Here is the front and back.



This is the end of my day, just before workout.

Then I pulled it up, and went for a run, top show fully what this stuff can do.

After run, I blew my hair a bit too dry it out, then put in my “shampoo”, pulled it up and went to bed. Yes, I put it in kinda thick.




When I wake, fluff, curl if needed and go about your day. Remember how I said greasy, yeah, I can generally only do an “up” thing on day two.

Not bad though.

OK, I promised links — My bun tutorial – Thanks Kate!
Here is the dry shampoo – Hope you enjoy!


Weekend fun!

17 Nov

Hello dears!

This weekend I spent a good amount of time just having fun!

Mommy, hubby and I went to a painting thing on Saturday (after I went to the gym! Go me!). It was one of the stand alone painting lessons where you leave with a canvas.
painting fun
We stayed for lunch after as it was held in an Irish Pub. Yum. Bangers and Mash….

Then I went to get my hair done – time for a bit a a refresh and a couple inches off. Once home, we ate a little something, I flipped the blocking cowl then headed over to a friends for games. It was nice, just hanging around.

Sunday, I got up and started a bit of cleaning and watching DVR stuff hubby is not interested in. (BBC America has been nice enough to play Sherlock from the beginning – sporadically, but still) After some cleaning we headed to watch some football – which had been rescheduled at the last moment and so my game was not playing. So lunch out and Go Bucs! Then home, watched my game (Fly Eagles, FLy!), then hubby’s game, and off to bed.

Hope you all had a great weekend with at least some fun!

1990s Figure Skaters: Where Are They Now

14 Feb

1990s Figure Skaters: Where Are They Now.

Thanks for the great memories!

Please make it stop!

3 Nov

What a week this has been.

If you have read, Tuesday there was an issue getting to work on time.

On the way home on Tuesday, my car started acting up.

So, Wednesday, the day hubby was set to leave for a trip, I have to take my car in.

My darling sister, who was looking for some knitting help, agreed to take me by the hubby’s office to get his vehicle, since it needed an oil change anyway.

For those keeping track, yes, both cars are at the shop.

Same sister wants to get lunch, is kind enough to stop by to drive me back from the dealership (instead of walking home) with the agreement that I would come with her to wander a local shopping area and pick up lunch together.

(Bonus time with sister and to see one of my darling nephews!)

We do, nephew gets tired, sister looks a bit wiped, and she drops me off before heading home herself.

I finally get a call from the car place, hubby’s wehicle is ready to pick up!  I walk up (getting some awesome bunny pictures on the way) and then head to the libary to drop off a book due that day (I had renewed just in case I could not get there that day, but I was ready to return it anyway) and the home for some mac and cheese and knitting in front of the TV.

I was drained by 10:30 and headed off to sleep.

I still have not heard back about my car though.  I hope it is fixable and for as little money as possible as I already paid out the nose for this car recently.

At least tomorrow is Friday and I get to hit the fresh market with my Mom and Grandma on Saturday.  Should be a blast!

I hope your weeks are going much less dramatically then mine.


2 Nov

I did not make it to work on time today.  I did my normal morning stuff; some cleaning, pack a lunch, play with the cats a bit; then headed off after dropping hubby’s suit jacket for cleaning.  I get to my exit, but am not able to leave the exit lane.  I wait there for a bit, text my manager to giver her a heads up and wait.  After another 10 minutes, I manage to get out of the lane, but going in the wrong direction.  I call the absence line (being in HR, we have a dedicated unplanned absence team) to advise them I will at least be late.

I pull in to a strip mall I vaguely recognize and park.  No sense wasting gas just sitting there half on the highway.  Now, while I was waiting I did not see any cars heading in the other direction (the direction I wanted to go and had planned on taking a U-ie and heading toward my office, which I could not do).


I take ten minutes to wander Old Time Pottery, then go to check on the road.  There are 3 police cars (which were blocked when I drove by apparently), lights a flashing, blocking the road.

I pull into McDonald’s, where I can see the road clearly, buy a tea and a shake (Autumn shake, Yum!) and pick a seat with a very clear view  and knit a bit.  It has now been an hour and fifteen minutes since I tried to exit the highway and go to work.

I make a decision that I will leave to head home at 2, if I don’t see the street clearing by then.  At least I will get some knitting done.

I hear a rumor while at the Mickey D’s.  Apparently someone is on the overpass threatening to jump.  Why the overpass, I do not know, it is not that high.

When I hear this, I figure I should just go home.  If this actually happened, I won’t be getting through anytime soon.  I re-text my manager to let her know what caused the blockage.

I decide to at least complete one more run though of the pattern I am knitting before I go.  I get my pattern done, and notice the road clearing.

With a sigh, I pack up and head to my car.  I decide, since I was late anyway, I will hit up a craft store on the way for yarn and buttons to complete some gifts I am making for some upcoming birthdays.

I now sit, warm and kind of annoyed I made it in, at work.  It seems the jumper did not actually jump (thank goodness), and I am now ensconced at my office until 8.  Sigh.

Other blog

18 May

It has come to my attention that some people may want to read my non-knitty blog.  There are a lot of book reviews, some random day to day stuff and periodic other craft posts.

Feel free to stop in if you feel so inclined.


Fashion Show at Knitting….

12 May

I guess I started a trend.

Through the process of slimming down my belongings, I offered my fellow knitters a chance to go through the clothes I have decided to donate.

The process went well, several of my cast offs have found new happy homes.

Tonight, I had my group meet at my house for knitting and baby spinach make-your-own salad with strawberries, lemon pepper chicken, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and a home-made strawberry vinaigrette.  Yum.

One of our group is also casting off some clothes and brought them with her for perusal of the group.  This also went well.