New experience in Cake

6 Feb

Grandma’s birthday has just recently passed, and we had a lovely tea party.


I was asked to do the cake.  Well, cakes.  It was expressly requested, I make Petite Fours.  Well. 

I thought I would make a sheetcake, cut it up, cover it in thinned royal icing and be done!

Not so much. The cake crummbled a bit, no real surprise, the icing was a bit heavy and knocked some of the cakes over, did not cover well (too thick to settle on the sides) and never hardened the way I intended.  This part just MIGHT be as I am in Florida and it was a very humid day when I tried this.  Let no one tell you location does not matter.  We live in soup air sometimes down here.  The trade off – no snow. 

All in all, the day was lovely, tea was drank, lots of it!  Cake was delisious, if a bit sticky, and the company (sisters, Mom, one of my BIL and the nephews) was great.


Maybe next year I’ll try fondant….



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