2014 start update…..

24 Jan

Here I sit, catching up on podcasts, wearing 3 knit items (only one by me, thanks Dee! and swap partner from winter of 2010!) as it is cold in Florida today.

This week we have had lows in the 30’s and highs in the 50’s. I realize that this is NOTHING compared to much of the rest of the country, but I am feeling the cold this year. (I’m sure it is the weight loss I incurred this past year. Still on the trail downward and hoping to get closer to goal by April – for anniversary trip with my darling)

I have recently finished a number of smaller items (see my Rav page for the latest) and am finishing up one more WIP today.

I have decided 2014 is going to be Stash busting year – and have chosen to work through at least 20 skeins – I have lots of stash, much of which was donated and I need to decide what to do with… I know I have a bag of tangled mess that I am debating untangling…. Or perhaps it is not worth it… This remains to be seen.

I have purchased 2 new skeins – I had a Gift Certificate for my LYS that was set to expire within the next month, so I dropped by on MLK day, since I had the day off and hubby did not. I got a lovely skein of Bobboli Lace that I am planning for a shawl and some sock yarn in not wool that felt wonderful knit up. I am looking forward to both – but am going to make myself work though some of the stash skeins first. (Please drop by Rav to see – my computer is being wonky and I can’t get pix in. I have been using Yarma to use my iPhone pix loaded into Ravelry directly)


I hope to have better access and to be able to post pictures soon, which will allow me to keep you better updated!  Toodles!


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