Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012! Day 6 Skills KCBWDAY6

28 Apr

Improving Your Skillset

Each year I set my intentions to try something new before the end of December.

For 2011, I was planning to try a sock, two at a time, toe up, of which I started, got about halfway through, realized it was WAY big, ripped it out and started over.  Yeah.  I am still sort-of-actively working on that as well as another sock, similar problem.

For 2012 I would like to knit a sweater (got the yarn all ready to go!) and try something with beads.

As I go on, I see great projects and knitted things that I want, so I want to make them, this leads be, inevitably toward something new to learn.  Gone is the girl who only knit scarves, even though she lives in FL and has very little use for them on a normal day, gone is the acrylic only user because she was afraid of felting something (which I have now done, on purpose, and was lovely!)

I will continue to cast on new, bolder projects and reach beyond my current abilities to be a better, stronger knitter.

How about you, do you have the learning bug?


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