Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012! Color 3KCBWDAY1

23 Apr

If you have seen me on Ravelry, you know I have a thing for color.  Goodness, I can be sidetracked by a pretty skein any where (ask my friend Trisha, who has been with me more than once during an “Oooo!” moment).

I, like many fiber crafters, have bought/ordered/drooled yarn that just called to me, (yes, I am talking to you Columbine) Image 

Or a great name (Cinderella Blue) Image


I plan projects around colors less then what yarn I have (and I REALLY need to work on that.  Hubby is not going to let me order more yarn when I have a room full).

I am particularly swayed by purples (see Columbine above) and blues, generally in such shades that might hurt to look at (yes I am 5 at heart.)

I relish everyday I can see a new skein or something that inspires me to find a skein or a project to go with that skien I just bought…

How about you?  What colors call to you?


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