2 Nov

I did not make it to work on time today.  I did my normal morning stuff; some cleaning, pack a lunch, play with the cats a bit; then headed off after dropping hubby’s suit jacket for cleaning.  I get to my exit, but am not able to leave the exit lane.  I wait there for a bit, text my manager to giver her a heads up and wait.  After another 10 minutes, I manage to get out of the lane, but going in the wrong direction.  I call the absence line (being in HR, we have a dedicated unplanned absence team) to advise them I will at least be late.

I pull in to a strip mall I vaguely recognize and park.  No sense wasting gas just sitting there half on the highway.  Now, while I was waiting I did not see any cars heading in the other direction (the direction I wanted to go and had planned on taking a U-ie and heading toward my office, which I could not do).


I take ten minutes to wander Old Time Pottery, then go to check on the road.  There are 3 police cars (which were blocked when I drove by apparently), lights a flashing, blocking the road.

I pull into McDonald’s, where I can see the road clearly, buy a tea and a shake (Autumn shake, Yum!) and pick a seat with a very clear view  and knit a bit.  It has now been an hour and fifteen minutes since I tried to exit the highway and go to work.

I make a decision that I will leave to head home at 2, if I don’t see the street clearing by then.  At least I will get some knitting done.

I hear a rumor while at the Mickey D’s.  Apparently someone is on the overpass threatening to jump.  Why the overpass, I do not know, it is not that high.

When I hear this, I figure I should just go home.  If this actually happened, I won’t be getting through anytime soon.  I re-text my manager to let her know what caused the blockage.

I decide to at least complete one more run though of the pattern I am knitting before I go.  I get my pattern done, and notice the road clearing.

With a sigh, I pack up and head to my car.  I decide, since I was late anyway, I will hit up a craft store on the way for yarn and buttons to complete some gifts I am making for some upcoming birthdays.

I now sit, warm and kind of annoyed I made it in, at work.  It seems the jumper did not actually jump (thank goodness), and I am now ensconced at my office until 8.  Sigh.


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