Difficulties multi-tasking in knitting

12 Nov

So for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to knit while reading some of the knitters’ blogs I follow.


There are few who have posted anything of length enough to work on this hat (as was mentioned in last WIP Wednesday’s post).  Not that the hat is particularly difficult, but working on DPNs in the round and having to let go with one hand to move to the next blog link is not particularly successful.

I still enjoy knitting (obviously) and I still wish to follow those other knitters… so I guess I will just have to split the two pastimes up for now.  Maybe something flat would be more conducive….

That said, the hat is starting to form something kind of hat like (yay!) and I have a bit more to go before decreasing for the crown.   Perhaps it will be finished before next Wednesday….


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