WIP Wednesday

3 Nov

Thanks again Tami for hosting this webring!

Here is the latest progress on the tote bag.

I am working on the strap now, supposed to make 2 and join them, then off to the button band and lining.



4 Responses to “WIP Wednesday”

  1. autumngeisha November 3, 2010 at 4:29 pm #

    This is going to look lovely once it’s finished. I wish I had the patience to make a tote bag. There’s a lot of finishing involved and that is not something I do well. Can’t wait to see the results!

  2. Tami November 3, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    I can’t wait to see it finished either! What fabric do you plan to line it with?

    • knitterpixie November 3, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

      I am leaning toward something colorful, perhaps purple.

  3. Shannon November 3, 2010 at 10:03 pm #

    I’m looking forward to seeing the FO. I love the cables and the contrasting colors.

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