Busy kitchen day

22 Oct

While I was planning to visit my Mom, I started a simple striped scarf I designed (that sounds so much better then winging it…)  I knew I could work on it while riding in the car to wherever we might be going or at night while at her place.

I finished it last night…





It’s about 6 1/2 feet, 4 skeins of Noro Retro.  I really got tired of picking out the sticks and grass while knitting.  I love the colors but many not use this yarn again.





Today, hubby took the laptop for a tutoring session he was going to, so I started doing the kitchen-type stuff I have been meaning to.

I roasted a pumpkin and mashed the pulp, baked a root-beer cake, roasted the seeds from the pumpkin, then, once the butter had softened sufficiently, I made some pumpkin bread with the mashed pumpkin and a can of pumpkin.   Ended up with 4 largish loaves.  I just tasted it, quite yummy!

I was also going to make some caramels (a fall tradition of sorts), but I am out of butter.  I will get some when I do the grocery shopping this weekend.

I have some ginger snap-y cookies to bake before Halloween.

I have a bunch more stuff to make for Halloween.  We are having a small party, and I need to make some kind of food,  lots of drinks and some desserts of some kind.  Should be super fun!

Now I sit and veg in front of the TV,  let’s see what’s on….



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