Hair days

14 Apr WP_20150413_17_34_34_Pro

So I recently mentioned a DIY dry shampoo I am using. This triggered a lot of questions, both online and irl.

This being the case, I took some pix while doing my hair. Note: I have a quite oily scalp. If I do not use some kind of dry shampoo, I Will be washing my hair.

So, here we are. I will include links in case you’d like to try it yourself.

We start with day one hair. Fresh washed, Aquage Uplifting foam in roots, a touch of Aquage gel in the ends, blown dry, then curled. (1″ iron) Here is the front and back.



This is the end of my day, just before workout.

Then I pulled it up, and went for a run, top show fully what this stuff can do.

After run, I blew my hair a bit too dry it out, then put in my “shampoo”, pulled it up and went to bed. Yes, I put it in kinda thick.




When I wake, fluff, curl if needed and go about your day. Remember how I said greasy, yeah, I can generally only do an “up” thing on day two.

Not bad though.

OK, I promised links — My bun tutorial – Thanks Kate!
Here is the dry shampoo – Hope you enjoy!

Weekend fun!

17 Nov

Hello dears!

This weekend I spent a good amount of time just having fun!

Mommy, hubby and I went to a painting thing on Saturday (after I went to the gym! Go me!). It was one of the stand alone painting lessons where you leave with a canvas.
painting fun
We stayed for lunch after as it was held in an Irish Pub. Yum. Bangers and Mash….

Then I went to get my hair done – time for a bit a a refresh and a couple inches off. Once home, we ate a little something, I flipped the blocking cowl then headed over to a friends for games. It was nice, just hanging around.

Sunday, I got up and started a bit of cleaning and watching DVR stuff hubby is not interested in. (BBC America has been nice enough to play Sherlock from the beginning – sporadically, but still) After some cleaning we headed to watch some football – which had been rescheduled at the last moment and so my game was not playing. So lunch out and Go Bucs! Then home, watched my game (Fly Eagles, FLy!), then hubby’s game, and off to bed.

Hope you all had a great weekend with at least some fun!

March comes in like a lion…

5 Mar

So blog readers – how’s life on your end of the world.

I am busy and my hands are all torn up from cleaning.  C’est la vie!


I am working on some knitting – nothing really to show yet, it’s still kind of a blob of yarniness.  I will take pics once there it something to see.

I am also planning to do some yard work soon – winter is about over here and my compost heap is growing something…  I need to weed it and flip it over so I can start it back up.  I would also like to set up my garden – since it is there and ready to go – I need to schedule time out there like I schedule the gym and going to work.    –  Here’s hoping it works!


Monogram pillow

27 Feb

Monogram pillow

So I decided to make a pillow – but I ran out of black, so one side is black and one side is white. Eh…

Knitlypics! Or knitting during the games

20 Feb

The Shawl is Done!

It has been bathed, blocked and photoed!

It’s in my project page – photos and process and the beads used!  Though not nearly as many as I thought – so I have more beads to use on something else!  I will try another technique for the next time….

I am now working on a monogram pillow cover, perhaps finished by the closing ceremonies?  Maybe…..

Shawl making and skating watching

19 Feb

Here I sit – after watching Charlie and Meryl win the gold in Ice Dancing – and beginning to cast off the shawl!


I expect to be able to finish this part today and get on to the bath and blocking…  yay!!!

1990s Figure Skaters: Where Are They Now

14 Feb

1990s Figure Skaters: Where Are They Now.

Thanks for the great memories!


Cindy is wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Cindy is wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Day 4 Olympic knitting!

11 Feb

I have been working on my Dew Drops faithfully and trying to get enough in that I can finish it before the Olmpics are over –

I have just added the first of the beads (!) and am on the top end of the third chart – (of 6 I believe).  Adding lots of stiches!  I am at about 300 now and will get up toward 700 by the time I get done!

Here is the latest (scrunched up) image I have.

The Best Social Media Sources for the 2014 Winter Olympics

7 Feb

Great places to follow 2014 Winter Olympics!

High Heels & Hard Work


Yesterday, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia kicked off the first day of competition with preliminary rounds of freestyle skiing, snowboarding, and figure skating. While there is an estimated TV viewership of 3 billion, this might be the most expensive Winter Olympics to date with a total estimated cost of $50 billion. Enough with the boring numbers though, you’re probably wondering how to get in on the action in the social sphere over the next two weeks! Good news social media addicts—here’s all the information you need.

The Olympics Social Media Guidelines

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) renewed their social media guidelines for this year. The guidelines cover everything from blogging for Olympians staying in the village to advertising and sponsorship. Definitions of all the Olympic words have been distributed to help with accuracy in any social media posting. If you plan on participating in the online Winter Olympics…

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